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Kampas offers a complete overview of accommodations in Flanders where youth groups can stay for several days. This way you can quickly look for the building or site that is suitable for your plans. Below we will guide you through the operation of the platform.

Search and book with Kampas? Our manual shows you how.

We also regularly collect recurring questions (and the answers, of course).

About the offer

At Kampas, you will find an accommodation in Flanders that is suitable and intended for multi-day (re)creative, educational and socially oriented group activities. These are buildings and camping sites or a combination of both: buildings sometimes have an area where a few extra participants can sleep in their own tents.

Recognised youth accommodation centres and hostels meet a number of specific requirements that are also checked by Toerisme Vlaanderen. For example, they must meet requirements in terms of fire safety, comfort and hygiene. You can find all information about the regulations on the Toerisme Vlaanderen website. You can also contact them at or +32 2 504 04 00.

Youth clubs and camping sites are not subject to recognition if they rent a limited number of nights a year to organised youth groups. However, there is an obligation to report to the municipality in this case.

Together, all Kampas accommodations provide an affordable offer so that as many groups as possible have the opportunity to enjoy a stay together.

Your Kampas-account

Registering on Kampas is possible from the age of 16 and offers many advantages. Kampas can immediately give you targeted information, such as the right prices for the type of group for which you are looking for suitable accommodation.

You can link your personal account to a Kampas environment for your group. Other members of your group can do the same and you can follow up all your bookings together.

An account is necessary to make an online booking (and because you are entering into a rental agreement, you must be of age to do so). You also need to be logged in if you want to share your experiences about a stay with Kampas.

ATTENTION, the creation of your group also affects the way Kampas will refund the deposit for online bookings. This refund will be made to the account number with which your group made the last payment to Kampas. Do you work with different account numbers within your group? Then you need to consider whether it is better to create different groups (e.g. per branch of your youth movement). If you want to do it this way, contact Kampas. By default, we do not accept different groups for the same association.

Searching with Kampas

The offer at Kampas is very diverse, but so are the wishes of youth groups. Searching and finding the right accommodation is therefore very important to make it an unforgettable stay. Via the search bar on the homepage you can make the first important selection in the Kampas offer.

  • Name: if you know where you want to go, enter the name of the desired accommodation here.

  • Selection 'all, building only, tents only or building with tent site': make a choice in the type of accommodation you are looking for. You can opt for a building, an area where you will store your own tents or a combination of both.

  • Location: here you search for locations in a specific tourist region, municipality or borough.

  • Group size*: Specify the minimum capacity that the location must meet. So make a (broad) estimate of the expected number of participants. Kampas displays all results that meet your minimum, up to double the specified group size.

The desired period is also an important factor in the search. With the offer that can be booked online, the calendar is always up to date. Kampas encourages all other operators to keep track of the calendar and checks this regularly. Today you can search until 2026. Every last Saturday of April we activate an extra booking year at 10 am. For example, from Saturday 27 April 2024 you can search for availability in the rental calendars of 2027. For online booking, the operators can also choose to extend the rental by a year. For groups who want to record their camp or holiday periods at that time, good preparation is important. You can read how to do that and all other important information here.

After your first search, Kampas offers a lot of filters to further refine and sort the results obtained.

*Please note, Kampas makes it clear what the maximum capacity of an accommodation is. The offer is therefore only suitable for groups that are not larger than the specified number, smaller is of course no problem. This maximum capacity often comes (also when booking via Kampas) on your rental agreement.

A larger group is a possible reason to deny your group access to the accommodation or to charge an additional fee for additional people. If your group is unexpectedly larger, please contact the manager as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

Prices on Kampas

The prices are always shown indicatively and are only final when Kampas or the operator draws up a rental agreement. Nevertheless, we can already give you some basic principles that will determine the final price of your stay.

The basic price is awarded to youth work groups, other types of groups pay a percentage on this price. Kampas works with the following price categories:

  • Youth work: recognized youth work organizations, as well as youth culture associations, youth catechesis groups, youth orchestras, youth workshops, playground activities, youth holiday activities, leisure activities with disadvantaged young people, leisure activities with children and young people with disabilities, political youth movements, youth houses, student associations, municipal youth services and youth councils.

  • Education: accredited educational institutions.

  • Other youth groups: organised youth groups that do not belong to the category of youth work or education, such as youth sports clubs and youth care institutions.

  • Other associations: associations for adults.

  • Non-associations: any group that does not belong to the above categories, such as friends and family groups or companies.

Prices may also vary depending on the period for which you book. Kampas distinguishes midweek, weekend, small school holidays and the summer holidays, but operators can also set a different price for specific periods. Moreover, keep in mind that in many cases you have to pay a deposit and that extra costs (such as waste, energy, water, etc.) may also be charged. The operator often informs Kampas about these costs, although the prices are also indicative here.

Kampas believes that every child or young person should have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience of a multi-day group stay with peers. That is why we are a passionate partner of the network Iedereen Verdient Vakantie. Groups that are affiliated with that network receive the lowest base price when they book through Kampas. In other cases, these groups can certainly also inquire with the operator about any adjusted price conditions.

Booking with Kampas

The label 'book online' visualizes which accommodation you can book directly through Kampas. Kampas only offers this option for a stay in self-cooking, if the operator also chooses to do so. For all other offers, the request for reservation is made via the operator himself, click on "contact operator". When booking online, take into account the General Terms and Conditions. Below, we list some important rules that can be found there:

Your request

An operator must respond to your reservation request within five days. Keep in mind that your application might get refused. You will receive a message in your mailbox. The operator can give a reason, but does not have to do so. You always know the status of your application within five days. If the operator does not respond in time, your request will be automatically deleted (with notification).

Pay in instalments

If you book more than one year before the arrival date, you pay an early booking advance of 25% of the rental price, always limited to 50 euros per booked night. One year before arrival you pay – if necessary – the remaining amount of that 25% on the rental price. That is also the deposit you pay when you book between one year and three months before arrival date.

Three months before arrival you pay the remaining balance of the rental price. When you book in that period, the full rental amount will be invoiced immediately. Kampas tries to meet the financial reality of a group that only has the registration fees some time before the stay. It is not possible to deviate from this regulation.

Payment term

When an operator accepts your request, you will receive the rental agreement and a first invoice. The first invoice is important to maintain your booking. If you do not take the payment term on that invoice into account, your booking will be automatically cancelled and the reserved period will be reopened to other groups.

Guarantee and variable costs

With the invoice of the remaining rental price (from three months before arrival) a deposit determined by the operator will also be charged. The amount of this deposit will be determined at the time of confirmation of your rental application.

The deposit paid serves to recover possible damage, but is also used to settle the variable costs after the stay. The variable costs are costs that are only settled after the stay, usually based on the actual consumption. The unit prices are displayed – indicatively – on the website, but are only final at the time of the actual settlement.

Changing the plans

The possibilities to change your online reservation can be found via 'options' in the booking details in your Kampas account environment. If you wish to cancel a current rental contract, Kampas applies the General Terms and Conditions that you approved when you requested the reservation. The time of cancellation determines the possibilities.

It is possible to change your reservation free of charge up to one year before arrival date. Via your account you can cancel an online booking with a voucher. All payments received will then remain available for three months. This voucher is a credit which can be used for new bookings (another period or another accommodation) made online via Kampas (via the 'book now' button on This new booking request must be approved by the operator. It is possible to use the available amount for multiple bookings. If the period to use the voucher expires, the normal cancellation fee will be applied.

Payments already made before booking are therefore used as vouchers or (in case of cancellation less than one year before arrival) retained as a cancellation fee. This compensation is equal to the advance payments you have already made at that time. If you have already paid the full rent, this cancellation fee is 75%, up to one week before the stay. If you cancel less than one week before the confirmed date of arrival, the full rent will be retained.

A paid deposit is always refunded. Refunds are made within two weeks of the cancellation date.

Partner van Iedereen Verdient Vakantie

Kampas vindt dat iedereen de kans moet krijgen om een onvergetelijke ervaring van een meerdaagse groepsvakantie te beleven. Daarom zijn wij een gedreven partner van het netwerk Iedereen Verdient Vakantie. Groepen die aangesloten zijn bij dat netwerk, krijgen altijd de laagste basisprijs bij een online boeking via Kampas. Ook andere verblijven die op Kampas het Iedereen Verdient Vakantie-label dragen maar die je via de uitbater dient te boeken, bieden hun accommodatie aan de laagste basisprijs of fikse korting aan.

Curious about your experience

We – and many groups – would love to hear how you experienced your stay. Those who have registered can leave a review on Kampas. Those who have booked through Kampas will receive an email after the stay with the request to leave a review. In addition, it is possible to write a review for all of the accommodations on our platform.

Do you have a complaint about your stay? We recommend that you first talk to the operator. If that is difficult, you can contact Kampas with your complaint to find a solution through mediation between the parties involved. It is also possible to file a complaint with Toerisme Vlaanderen. This can be done via or on +32 2 504 04 00.