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Kampas collects all Flemish locations for multi-day stays of (youth) associations and schools. With a number of handy search filters, groups can look for the perfect offer in the desired period. Some of the self-catering accommodations can also be booked online via Kampas.

Initiative of CJT vzw

The platform is an initiative of Centrum voor Jeugdtoerisme vzw. CJT believes that every child or young person should have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience of a multi-day group stay with peers. With Kampas, we therefore ensure easy access to the unique locations with a low threshold where that experience can arise. But we do much more than that.

With appreciated support

Kampas was made possible with the support of the Department of Culture, Youth and Media of the Flemish government. The entire set-up was developed in collaboration with operators, the authorities involved and umbrella organisations of youth work and education.